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    Marylanders for Marriage Equality
    IFCMD - Interfaith Fairness Coalition of Maryland
    MBFA - Maryland Black Family Alliance
    Washington County
    Community Triangle of Washington County

    Corrupt "Justice" System The Maryland "justice" system is so corrupt that even your most basic human rights are not secure. We monitor the entire globe and Maryland ranks second to last (tied with the States of New York and Washington. Botswana is the worst.). The Maryland Court of Appeals (Supreme Court) ruled that A) equal protection under law - the heart and foundation of democracy - does not apply to gay people or their children (so only some Americans have rights rather than all Americans having rights), and that B) human rights listed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights do not apply to gay human beings. Maintaining the rule of law in the state is pointless and counterproductive as a result of this massively corrupt judicial body, obliterating the credibility of all other aspects of government within Maryland.

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